Swapcard Guide

We’re looking forward to seeing you online at the CAT Risk Management and Modelling Summit on March 16 to 18. To ensure a smooth-running event, please read through below.
Our Event Platform - Swapcard
Your access details for the meeting have been sent via Swapcard. If you missed the email or your magic link has expired, please log in at https://app.swapcard.com/login with the email address you used to register for the event. From here, you may send yourself a Magic Link to set your password. Once  logged in, you should see the CAT Risk logo, which you will need to click on to access the event.
What happens next?
  • Watch the Swapcard Guidance Video on the right hand side to familiarize yourself with the platform. 
  • Enrich your profile and be more visible and solicited - Ensure your profile is complete and catchy! An enriched profile is twice more likely to receive requests. Remember to add a photo, a short bio and your social media.
  • Connect with people you want to meet - Access the attendee list and get the conversation started; schedule a time to meet at the event.
  • Meet the exhibitors - Discover which companies exhibit at the show and reach out to a member to know more about their solution.
  • Personalize Your Event - Your event, your way - Register to the sessions you want to attend and bookmark the exhibitors you’d like to meet. Planning ahead of time ensures you’ll get the most out of your event.
  • Select the most relevant breakout group during our interactive session – complete this  survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/catriskRT 
  • Schedule your meetings
    • Send meeting requests - Review the attendee list and request a meeting with the participants you want to meet. You'll receive a notification once your request has been accepted.
    • Manage your availability - We have pre-defined available time slots to meet people. Edit your availability for each slot so other attendees can request to meet you only when you are free.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please contact Olivia Taylor (Customer Service) at  olivia.taylor@aventedge.com.